Intelligently senses, measures, and captures instrumented software execution behavior.

• Intelligent Capture
• Adaptive Auto Focus
• High Resolution Data


Records and playbacks software execution memories captured by Satoris.

• Software Event Recording
• Offline Simulated Playback
• Selective Event Playback


Mirrors in real-time software execution behavior captured by Satoris.

• 360° Event Replication
• Online Simulated Playback
• Single Monitoring Plane


Extends Satoris with self-adaptive software control and resource management.

• Adaptive Control Valves
• Quality of Service (QoS)
• Software Supervision



Continuously broadcasts, with extreme efficiency and scale, micro time slices of aggregated metering data collected by a Satoris agent or Simz server to “cell” and “watch” towers which can be used for integration with legacy metric monitoring solutions.


Offers long term storage of all metered transaction change sets across different storage backends with integration plugins for open source NoSQL databases as well as cloud storage services from Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.


Signals enables the development and operation of scalable self-aware, self-adaptive and self-regulated software.


A simplification of the Signals API for monitoring the behavior of resilience microservices. It is used for monitoring the operational status of a service in terms of availability and reliability using a small predetermined set of signals and status values.


Sogeti Labs

“What if performance is built in the software? Such solutions begin to emerge and one of the most elegant ones is Autoletics with Sentris (and Signals). William Louth, in a 2012 article describes an impressive view on what reflexivity can bring on software performance and QoS.

This could reduce the need to push all the constraints through heavy anonymous components, like proxy and appliances, build aspects with the software itself, and keep only the edge control in appliances. Lower cost means latency. Devops at work?”

Practice Leader Enterprise Architecture
Cap Gemini Sogeti

Be Informed

“Satoris for Be Informed is a unique instrumentation solution available for our platform. It is based on Autoletics’s renowned intelligent measurement and adaptive control technologies, offering a recommended solution for the effective service management of the Be Informed platform.”

Be Informed

JAX Magazine

“Satoris, however, offers “near linear scalability” even with additional data collection and statistical analysis of the metering measurements performed.

So far there have only been the smallest of ripples around Satoris, but, with IoT-focused communities growing all the time, there’s clearly the potential for this software to catch fire as the tech develops.”

Lucy Carey