I’ve given many talks over the years at numerous developer, performance, test, financial costing and cloud-focused conferences on performance monitoring, software mirroring and simulation, quality of service (QoS), adaptive control, resource management and activity based costing. Generally, I prefer to speak at meet-ups or in-house workshops designed to inspire engineers and to increase awareness of novel ideas and approaches.

Beyond Reactive – QoS for Apps – µCon 2015

A walkthrough of various QoS for Apps demos performed during the “Beyond Reactive” talk at the µCon 2015 (The Microservices Conference). The talk itself explored various approaches to service request level resource management starting with basic back pressure and moving on to advance reservation-based quality of service (QoS) and adaptive control execution (ACE) valves.


“William, I had a big bang in my head after attending your session. My universe is expanding. The best session in #javaone I attended. Matrix and assassins creed in a technical java session. That was awesome.”
Sundeep, Hyderabad, India

“Hi William, Thank you for sharing your idea, knowledge, and passion with us during JavaOne 2013 conference at Hyderabad. It was the most memorable presentation I have attended so far.”
Ashish Waghmare, India

“I have attended Java One conference and your sessions are brilliant.”
Meerja Kanaparthi, Hyderabad, India

“#javaone session on signals and boundaries by William Louth was great and useful.”
Srinivasan, Hyderabad, India

“[William] you are a rockstar #javaone”
@Rohit, Hyderabad, India

“Great job, William! This guy is a very good, energized presenter, who knows his stuff. And that stuff was very interesting; the concepts were new to me and sound quite revolutionary to me.”
Guenter Losert, Oakland, CA

“Fantastic talk, lots of great ideas, very cool technology, changes the way you think about a lot of things.”
Dmitriy Volk (SpringSource, VMware), San Francisco, CA

“Absolutely fascinating talk on adaptive software systems!”
Sean A Corfield, Castro Valley, CA

“Great ideas and vision!”
Oleg Gusak (Salesforce), San Francisco Bay Area, CA

“William thanks again for your unusual inspiring talk!”
R. van Rijn, Den Haag, The Netherlands

“a very unusual talk – truly enjoyed the idea”
V. Sadovnikov, Den Haag, The Netherlands

“Thanks again for your presentation this evening; it mesmerized me.”
A. van Delft, Den Haag, The Netherland

“Impressive, educational, and Insightful.”
Ravi Buddharaju (Oracle), Hyderabad, India

“William is an excellent speaker, he presented some really innovative techniques in very interesting manner”
Neil Ghosh (Oracle), Hyderabad, India

“A whole new insight on the performance improvement in JVM!!!”
Rahul Kanoi, (Deloitte), Hyderabad, India

“The technical talk relating to Java performance metering was exhausting (long with lots of content to cover) but great. William (the speaker) was very engaging too!”
David Wilson, CR-X Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia

“fantastic event, lots of interesting concepts discussed”
Sunil Jacob (National Australian Bank), Melbourne, Australia

“William is a really talented speaker. The concepts presented were clear and smart. Very good conference.”
Mik Arber, Brest Area, France

“The talk was great, an interesting topic covered quickly to fit the time constraints but with enough substance to the talk to allow for engaging discussion of the topic afterward.”
Jamie Duncombe, Melbourne, Australia

“I really enjoyed how the speaker tried to convey a lot of the concepts the reasoning behind them rather than just sell a product. And even though it was actually quite an advanced topic I managed to pick up some points to read up on. It was definitely inspiring.”
Lim Sim, London, UK


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