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We came in contact with William Louth and his outstanding tool, JXInsight, in early 2008 as we experienced performance issues with our Supply Chain Solution.

After a brief discussion one evening, William showed extraordinary initiative and dedication by making a trip through the night to show up the next day to help us solve our problems. We started the day explaining the application, the inner architecture based on J2EE, and discussed various possibilities with his tool. William’s expertise helped him to perfectly understand our architecture, and by using JXInsight, he was able to quickly show initial bottlenecks and their problem source.

JXInsight was easy to get working and gave us a full view on the end to end call stack, which allowed us to quickly identify the problems and solve them.

After this successful collaboration, we decided to purchase JXInsight and make it a key part of our tools used during development. To do so, we setup training that quickly went from a “how to use the tool” to a “hey, I know another problem we can hunt down.”

Working with William was straightforward and very enjoyable due to his personality, his dedication, and his skills. Along with JXInsight, they both shape a lethal, effective weapon to kill any performance issues within your software architecture.

Senior Group Head IT Custom Solutions

YapıKredi Investment

William has always impressed me with his ability to think out of the box and attention to detail. His services have been very valuable for us in large scale mission critical projects we’ve done in YapiKredi Bank in recent years. He has this unique ability to grasp inner workings of any software project, even without source code, within very short time and to very precisely figure out how to improve any situation especially in the field of performance and software quality. Having a long history of high end consultancy, he accumulated a very wide range of knowledge to boost any software development organizations output, in the areas ranging from team building, architectural planning to software development and testing.

YapıKredi Investment

YapıKredi Bank

When I first met William, we were in the midst of a mainframe modernisation project during which we were having a rough time porting our existing application to a new Java based framework. When I say rough times, I mean it: testing phase had already started, however, it was impossible to run a single test scenario because the application was responding not even in seconds but in the minute range. William came in to deploy his product JXInsight at the time and had us in class for three days in a row to teach us about performance management. I remember not understanding a word he said, yet he seemed to know what he was talking about very well.

With his help, in a few weeks, we had figured out a long list of mistakes. Personally he changed my perception of the code I was writing, he had given everybody insight about what was actually going on and he had led us in the right path to first fix and then improve what used to be an awfully performing application. His directions might have needed simplification to layman’s terms at times but still at a single look at a snippet he could tell you where you were failing. He earned a lot of appreciation and respect of everyone on the team from manager to the junior.

I think William is a man of continuous improvement, who is always full of new ideas, and he always challenges himself and his colleagues to make the best out of the conditions.

Head of Treasury Products and Market Risk Software Development
Yapı Kredi


William is a genius and his product is also a path breaker in Application Performance and Software Optimization. I have great memory about his passion and continued idea evolution with our clients.

VP, Products & Services Group (PSG)

Quby (Eneco Toon)

While we were working at Quby, I came to know William as an individual with great communication skills. He always tried to get to know others and find out what they are busy with. He has experience in many fields and is always willing to help others with their various questions. He is quick in identifying flaws: whether in software or UX design or company structure or work flow. He thinks out of the box and always has something to bring to the table.

Embedded Developer